The Constitution And The Amendment Essay

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Our Constitution was written 228 years ago. It was written after there was problems in our country with the Articles of Confederation. This was a hard time for our country because it was just a newborn. Our country was a toddler learning how to walk and our founding fathers took charge and came up with an incredible system that still works today. The Constitution is an almost sound proof document that can be fixed or amended if need be. If our values and beliefs change we can alter the amendments on the Constitution. We have rights given to us by the amendments that allow us to do so. Our founding fathers had no idea how history would unfold, but they tried their best to set up a system that would allow the Constitution to change with time. The Constitution has lasted for over 200 years because of this system. When we believed that citizens should have more rights we added an amendment. We added an amendment when the color of your skin was no longer an impediment to your voting rights. We also added an amendment when we believed that all genders had the right to choose this country’s leader. The Constitution is full of amazing amendments that give this country’s people rights that they might not even know they have. Every single amendment is essential to the lives in this country, but I believe that the first amendment is the most valuable amendment.

The First Amendment states that: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or…

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