The Constitution And Its Effect On The Growth And Development Of The United States

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America is now an established nation and is growing in land mass, population, and innovations rapidly as are establishing a reputation in the world. The Constitution is still in effect and holding the nation together and giving it boundaries to abide by. However, slavery is becoming a major issue that is starting to divide the nation. Much of the north is against slavery completely, whereas much of the south is a strong supporter of slavery. During the early 1800’s, there were many presidential elections with all the candidates looking the fill the rolls of George Washington and John Adams that had come before. All of the candidates looked to leave a positive, lasting impact on the growth and development of the United States. There were multiple candidates for each election, all with varying views on government and different issues to address during each election. The elections of 1852, 1856, 1860, and 1864 were all significant elections in the molding of the United States. The election of 1852 was without suspense from the beginning. The Democrats nominated Franklin Pierce as their candidate. His only major opponent was Winfield Scott of the Whig party, which was rapidly declining in support. Another candidate in the race was John Hale of the free soil party and ended up receiving very few votes. Neither of the two candidates seemed to have very strong views. The only real topic in the nation during this time was slavery, but both candidates avoided much talk about…

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