Essay The Consolidated Life Case Study

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The consolidated Life case study

Main problem

The main problem in this case is the conflict between two different cultures underlined by two divergent management styles. A loose and people-oriented management style, applied by the supervisor Mike Wilson which proved to be efficient with the current situation of Consolidated Life company, versus a strict and task-oriented management style exercised by the senior vice president Jack Greely, a style assumed by the management to be the reference model that reflects the company’s culture and to be followed by all managers.

Clash of cultures and management styles

When Mike first got hired, the culture was “laissez faire” with flexible supervisory style, supervisors were free to
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Power and Politics

Mike has a referent power on its peers (the supervisors) and on his subordinates due to his friendly relationship with them. They like to work with him and from his side he is assuring that they are receiving good trainings and raises when they deserve them.
Mike tried to use politically his power on other supervisors to form a kind of coalition by creating a supervisors forum and use it as a weapon to force Jack to change his management style. He was pretty sure that a group inside the organization would have bigger influence then working individually to reach his goal. Apparently the forum’s target was to enhance the training program inside the company but actually Mike wanted to change his boss’s management style and pass the dissatisfaction of the employees from the current situation.

Jack used his legitimate and coercive power being the senior vice president of the division and capable to make things difficult to others. He threatened many times that those who don’t like his way of work can simply leave.

Lack of promotion

Having a different management style was the main reason behind Mike’s lack of promotion. The management wanted to send him a serious message by depriving him from the promotion, the message is that he needs to change his way of work otherwise he will have no place inside the company. The decision was not fair at all because

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