The Consequences Of The Struggle Between Fate And Free Will Essay

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The Consequences of the Struggle Between Fate and Free Will
By: Asra Azam

Fate and free will are often considered opposites, two parallel concepts that will never meet. However, in reality fate and free will are heavily reliant on each other. Shakespeare 's ‘Macbeth’ shows us how man is often in a constant battle between fate and free will, and yet how those two forces rely on each other for either of them to function properly. Macbeth shows us how any person can be easily drawn in by what fate as in store for them, yet man also considers himself above fate and works to defy it. Although, those two ideas seem different, Macbeth shows us how man is always on the path to reach a single destination but he may also make the choices of how he gets there. With the knowledge that he may be king, Macbeth is influenced by Lady Macbeth, and she puts the thought in his head that he should not just leave this opportunity to chance, and although he is conflicted about the choice he is about to make, he still makes the choice that will secure his destiny. Here we can see the relation of fate and free will, and how free will is merely a turn on the path of fate. However, when Macbeth decides that he does not like what fate has in store for Banquo 's children he becomes arrogant and tries to challenge and defeat fate.In ‘Macbeth’ one can see how the struggle between fate and free will is a battle where all sides lose. The way Macbeth reacts to fate, shows us how humans are easily drawn in…

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