The Rwanda Genocide

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Genocide brings great destruction to humanity. Genocide is the deliberate systematic killing of a large group of people, especially those of an ethnic group or nation. A big genocide that everyone knows about is the Holocaust. In the Holocaust millions of people died in 6 years because there was hatred towards the Jews. Another genocide that took place and managed to kill one million people in one hundred days was the Rwandan Genocide. The Rwandan Genocide took place in 1994. It was a was a war between two very similar ethnic groups, the Hutu and Tutsi people. The Hutu had hatred towards the Tutsi for many reasons and when they had the opportunity to come into power they did. People do not notice that genocides occur all over the world, for …show more content…
The genocide went from April to July, and in those three months a lot of Tutsi people lost their lives. The Tutsi and Hutu have a number of similarities. They speak the same language, are located (live) in the same areas, and have similar traditions. Ethnicity has caused issues before in Rwanda it caused tension between them. In the early 1900’s the Belgians were in power and they favored the Tutsi giving them great advantage in employment, education as well as increased power in the government administration (Straus). The Hutu felt left out during this time because they were not favored and some advantages had been taken from them. Anger filled them and because of this they had to watch the other ethnicity grow and become more powerful, instead of being equal because of their …show more content…
When the Tutsi were released they seeked the truth. The survivors had no one left since 80% of their population had been wiped out. They wanted the truth as to what had happened to the people they love because they had no one left in this world. The people wanted justice, but wanted the truth because that was their way of getting justice. The Tutsi eventually found out what had happened to their loved ones since the Gacaca Courts, a court made specifically to get the Hutu to talk by bribing them with a shorter sentence, took it into their hands to find the truth. The Hutu people who participated in this action were sentenced to long years in prison, or execution. People are not well aware of genocide. They only know what everyone was taught, the Holocaust. Although the Holocaust was one of the biggest genocides there are more genocides that have taken place and have damaged human populations. Genocide is a huge matter, by informing oneself the possibility of reliving history is slim to none. The Rwandan genocide is one of many genocides. It was a really short genocide, but in those one hundred days one million lives were taken. A population of Tutsi people was almost wiped out because the Hutu extremist took their hatred out on them and caused them so much damage. This genocide is not the first nor the last genocide that has occurred. The people need to better inform

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