Sleep Deprivation Research Paper

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Sleep deprivation is one of the key factors that caused some of the biggest disasters such as the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, Three Mile Island nuclear accident, and the Chernobyl explosion (Wells and Vaughn 235). Sleep is very important to our overall health; it helps us power throughout the activities of the day, week, month, etc. It is a key factor to our mental, emotional, social, and physical health. However, in our highly active society that moves almost 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, sleep deprivation is one of the rising health issues affecting approximately millions of people today. Many who are suffering from sleep deprivation do not even realize that they have it. People should understand about the causes, consequences, and the solutions …show more content…
Most health professionals will most likely recommended the standard hours of sleeping to be around 7 to 8 hours, yet the average person sleeps for 6 hours or less (“Facts and Stats”). The majority of the sleep deprived do not have the understanding of how the body works during sleep mode and how under sleeping can affect it overtime. Researchers have discovered that sleep has two biological rhythms, which is the circadian and ultradian rhythm. According to their discoveries, “the circadian rhythm is a biological clock that causes the body to internally adapt to the time of day in order to meet its needs, such as slowing the body and prepares it to rest as the day grows dark” (Austin 4). This cycle operates throughout the day; however, unlike the other two cycles that occur during sleeping, these are other important factors that can affect your sleeping.
The other two distinct cycles to consider when sleeping is the non-rapid eye movement and rapid eye movement. These two cycles alternate throughout the night in what is called an ultradian rhythm (Austin 5). Research states that, “sleeping starts with non-REM sleep for approximately 70-90 minutes, then followed by REM sleep that can last between 10-30 minutes” (Austin 5). These two cycles will keep repeating itself throughout the night unless the body is
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For the ones who have children, they have a greater chance of being sleep deprived because they have to wake up early just to get their children prepared for school. However, there are other factors that happens throughout the day that can eventually lead you to sleep deprivation. According to Bess Austin, a registered nurse who researched about sleep deprivation, taking naps for more than thirty minutes can disrupt the body’s circadian rhythm which is “a biological clock” that tells our body when to sleep and wake up (Austin 5). Taking naps is just as important as sleeping, it helps deal with sleep debt/sleep deprivation. However, long naps can give an individual more energy than they wanted. Therefore, when it is time to sleep the body is not tired enough to go back to sleep. Eventually, this shortens the needed hours for sleeping, causing fatigue and lack of concentration on the next day. Repeating bad habits such as these situations will eventually lead to a serious health

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