Racism In The Film American History X

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The 1998 movie American History X is reputed as one of the most effective films in terms of tackling racism, condemning neo-Nazism, and supporting equality and justice. The way racism, one of the most significant residues of post colonialism is depicted is by showing it explicitly on the film numerous times in numerous different ways, such as switching back and forth from black and white to color, to depict the different stages in Derek's life; symbolizing his time as a racist and as a reformed man. In other words, it takes racism to make a point against racism.

American History X, written by David Mckenna and directed by Tony Kaye, tells the story of two white brother Derek and Danny Vineyard who at different points in life shared the
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However, it is evident that critical theories in the U.S were developed as early as mid 19th and 20th centuries, evident in writing of avid activists such as Frederick Douglass, and W.E.B Du Bois. The major aim of this theory is to "muckrake" and critique racially oppressive social structures and ideas to combat racism as done in the movie American History X, thus the term "critical." The theorists of critical race challenge the constative, and incorrect understanding of race as something that is biologically instilled in humans. According to the theory, racial classifications such as Black, White, Asian are merely social constructions, resulting not from biology but by social structures such as law, politics, religion, and the government. Moreover, the theory states that racism is much more than the result of individual prejudice: that racism is embedded deeply in systematically coordinated by the social structures such as institutions such as schools and governments. These structures and institutions in effect shape the minds and identities of the individual oppressors and the oppressed alike, resulting in unequal allocation of power and

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