The Consequences Of Juvenile Delinquency

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Juvenile Delinquency is caused by a lack of good parental care.
You are living in a period where our society is filled with an excessive amount of juvenile delinquents. Everywhere you go in our society: schools, the city centre or your neighbourhood, you will come across a young individual that is offensive, violent and uses vulgar language. During 2012 to 2013 an enormous number (estimated to be around 130000) of aged 10-17 were arrested for committing crime. What could have made these pre-teens and teenagers make such terrible life choices? Parents. Experts and researchers claim that parents or carers are the main factor to how a child will grow up and it is through their parental methods that will determine what kind of person the child
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The parent will encounter difficulties to deliver enough affectionate attention to their children due to an overload of tasks needed to be done such as maintaining the house, pressure from work and having to support a family by themselves. It’s a huge weight on the parent’s shoulders. A child who lives with a single parent will not be able to learn from both parents which affect the child from being able to learn from more experiences, thus increasing the child’s vulnerability to becoming a delinquent. According to Iain Duncan Smith, a previous leader of the Conservative Party from 2001 to 2003, that 70 percent of young delinquents grew up from broken homes that consisted of a single parent. Furthermore, he states that it’s nine times more likely a child will become an offender if they come from a broken home background. This is a result of insufficient interaction between a child and the single parent. Therefore showing that broken homes causes a link to a child that will affect them to grow up as a …show more content…
Sudbury-Wayland-Lincoln Domestic Violence Roundtable states that three to four million (tenfold of the population of Edinburgh) young individuals are exposed to domestic abuse per year. Similar to child abuse, the children in this case will witness violence and aggressiveness by visually experience the abuse done to the mother or father, hearing the abuse by being within the house, seeing the parent’s injuries and distress. It will have the same effect as experiencing child abuse, because the child will be prone to replicating the destructive

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