Frankenstein By Mary Shelly: The Origins Of Gothic Literature

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When one thinks of Gothic Literature, the first thing that comes to mind is stories about vampires, the devil and more. The term “Gothic” has come a long way from just meaning “deriving from the middle ages.” Many do not know, but the famous story Frankenstein by Mary Shelly is considered Gothic Literature. Gothic Literature often consists of the supernatural and paranormal.
When Horace Walpole used the word “Gothic” it meant something like “Barbarous”. Gothic fiction began as a sophisticated joke. “Horace Walpole first applied the word “Gothic” to a novel in the subtitle - ‘A Gothic Story’- of The Castle of Otranto, which was published in 1764,” (Mullan “The Origins of the Gothic”). People loved the novel because it initiates the trend to bring the suspense and mystery together. This novel is in most cases considered the first gothic novel. Ever since the novel was published, the aesthetics of the book formed recent gothic books, movies, art, and music.
The word Gothic originally referred to the Northern Tribes that included Europe during the fourth, fifth, and sixth centuries. “The allusions also suggest anxiety that industrialization came at the expense of morality and the USA was not exceptional,”
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“Gothic is noted for its agitated, restless, intense, straining against limitations, whether its sexual, religious, psychological social or physical,” (Fedorko 1). Gothic Literature is turned to as an escape, where one can be their self without judgement. “Homosexuality, sodomy, incest, rape, or group copulations are inserted into ordinary experience in order to destroy the boundary line between the normal and the perverse. By infecting the normal with the germ of the perverse, all behavior becomes susceptible to addresses corruption,” (Stuprich 71). Sometimes things are not discussed for the simple fact that it is a sensitive subject, but in Gothic Literature there are no subjects that are off

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