The Consequences Of Digital Technology

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The net generation students, who started using digital technology since they were still children, are multitasking every day. They feel comfortable when they are doing homework and watching videos at the same time, while adults may feel distracted. People believe that the new digital technology is destroying their ability to focus on a particular thing. For instance, they keep checking the mobile phone during the class. Indeed, the digital technology improves the net generation students’ abilities of multitasking and it works well for them.
With the confidence of using digital products, the net generation students are capable to learn how to use a new digital device and create more ways to use it. “net Generation and Digital Native arguments suggest that it is a consequence of young people’s generational position that they have greater confidence and facility when faced with digital technologies.” (p.349, Jones) Since they are confident of using digital devices and are not limited to use the digital
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“These services facilitate interaction between students and machine agency because the social networking site brings together a stream of information from friends and acquaintances with suggestions prompted by computer-based algorithms.” (p.353, Jones) Once Friends posted new status, photos, and videos onto the social networks, the students have to spend some time on checking those information and responding. With the portability of digital devices, the net generation students are willing to check social network at any time instead of checking it in a period of time. Moreover, to save the time and respond as quickly as possible, they prefer to use digital devices when they are doing something else, thus multitasking will be the best way to get trivial things done. The more information is generated, the more frequently multitasking will be

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