The Consequences Of Caffeine: The Side Effects Of Caffeine

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Caffeine may assist with getting through the day however how much is too much? As proven by Linda Massey Emeritus Professor of Nutrition at Washington State University says, “caffeine potentially leads to some spinal bone loss in postmenopausal women if they typically drink more than three cups, or 300 mg of caffeine, a day, but don 't get enough calcium in their diet” (Candy, 2013, para. 4). This is one of the consequences from caffeine of who people are unaware of. In society today, caffeine is consumed regularly in coffee, soft drinks, chocolate, however, there may be harsh side effects to this addiction.
Now in present time caffeine is known to be in coffee and energy drinks. Caffeine is a substance that adds energy to beverages and is
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The side effects of caffeine levels rising more than needed are shakiness, not being able to sleep, abnormal heart rhythms, and anxiety. Not only are these side effects included when consuming caffeine considering there are also the side effects when withdrawing from this substance. “Withdrawal effects include headaches, difficulty to concentrate and sleep, and pain in the stomach and joints.” When withdrawing from caffeine it can do the opposite of what the purpose was to consume this substance. It is harder when women are pregnant considering “caffeine consumption during pregnancy has been shown to be associated with fetal growth restriction” (Morphett, Heath, McIntosh, W., & Dorrian, 2014, para. 1). When overexerting the recommended caffeine needed for a daily basis can cause harm to the baby while it is developing in the body. When restricting its developing process the baby can have trouble in the future due to its development being restricted because of this substance. As mentioned previously, this is why it is essential to know what caffeine does to the body; whether one is pregnant or not symptoms will show up if not knowing what an individual can take on a daily basis. When taking precautionary measures it can prevent the pain and misery of what caffeine levels in the body can do compared to an individual who is not alert of what is the …show more content…
There is often an exaggeration of how caffeine can be atrocious to an individual instead of looking in the positive direction. The complaints of how caffeine can damage one’s system can come from someone who 's had the systems because they went over the recommended instead of being aware of how much they can intake in a daily basis. Furthermore, knowing the right information and researching what caffeine level one can handle can be beneficial to prevent any of the symptoms to become too severe towards one’s health even during pregnancy. If there are more precautionary measures around caffeine there would be more advantages than disadvantages as people describe their experience when ingesting caffeine in their body’s system. Now take into consideration to absorb knowledge of how much caffeine is too much caffeine in the body since every individual has different standards when consuming this substance. To stay in the safe zone remember to research what is going to be ingested to prevent the side effects from becoming too severe. Caffeine can have many disadvantages, however it is only because the public is unaware of the caffeine limit that their body can

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