The Conquest Of Constantinople During The Byzantine Empire Essay

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My Opinion on the Conquest of Constantinople
The Byzantine Empire, which lasted for over a thousand years, was brought to an end by Mehmed II. Kristovoulos the Islander, wrote History of Mehmed the Conqueror to write a precise, and chronologically accurate account of conquest of Constantinople for future generations to learn from. Based on the excerpts of the History of Mehmed the Conqueror that I have read, I believe that what Kristovoulos wanted to convey about the conquest of Constantinople was that conquest had less to do with the actual capturing of Constantinople, and more to do with the dehumanization and defilement of Byzantines people by the Ottomans, and the senseless destruction of a once great city.
When Mehmed II and his army entered Constantinople, it was as though poison had seeped into the heart of the Byzantine Empire. Defeat was inevitable for the Byzantines. According to Kritovoulos, the emperor of the Byzantine Empire, Constantine, knew full well of the hopelessness of the situation before him. As the Ottoman army was enclosing in on the emperor’s stronghold, instead of fleeing to safety, as several of his confidants had advised, Constantine simply said, "The city is taken and it is useless for me to live any longer.” There the emperor heroically chose to die fighting against his adversaries. Kritovoulsos exalts Constantine for his loyalty towards Empire.
During the Great Rush following the demise of Constantine, citizens were senselessly slaughtered.…

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