The Connection Between Fiction And The Imagination Essay

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The Connection between Fiction and the Imagination Reading a story to your child, spouse or reading alone sometimes release a sense of adventure, depending on the story. Many individuals use stories to learn their history, talk about their experiences, or to fantasize about a world beyond the one they live in. It does not matter why individuals decide to read, as long as the story changes some part of them by the end of the story. Stories are used to open minds of individuals that are unable to travel, or to give a person the life they are striving to have. Reading stories, fictional or nonfictional, brings life to blank pieces of paper that would be overlooked for the convenience of the modern day television. While individuals indulge in both fiction and nonfiction to expand their imaginations, fictional stories gives readers the chance to use their imaginations to recreate different scenes and characters of the story. According to Schakel, Ridl 2012, fiction refers to “narrated stories that are drawn from the imagination or are an imaginative reworking of actual experiences” (108). Imagination is used when individuals listen to stories around a camp fires, and before then stories were used traditionally as a form of family bonding (Schakel, Ridl, 108). Fictional written stories are stories that individuals make up or are real stories that re-invented to better fit the imagination (Schakel, Ridl, 109). Being able to use imagination is one of the major reason that…

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