Essay on The Connection Between Depression And Guilt

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I was recently asked to meet with a friend that has been feeling depressed for about a year and a half. I have noticed and others have noticed that he is not his normal self. He told me he is not sleeping well and his social engagement has diminished severely. He seems to be isolating himself and he visibly appears to be carrying a heavy load that those who know him have noticed. In addition, last week someone filled me in on information concerning the actions he has taken over the past two years. I believe these actions are the source of his depression. I believe he feels guilty and shameful for what he has done. His lived-theologies are getting in the way of him experiencing forgiveness. In this case study, I am interested in understanding the connection between depression and guilt. Does guilt have the potential to depress an individual? Can depression be relieved through confession and restitution? Therefore, by meeting with my friend I will seek to understand his story and offer some possible steps for him to get free from his guilt that is causing his depression. I will do this by accommodating him effectively, properly assessing his first and second order of issues by using Egan’s Helping Model and establish a clear plan for change.

The Conversation I received a text asking if we could meet. I responded with a yes and allowed him to pick the time and place. We both sat down in some chairs by the water and I could sense his need to share, but also a hesitation to…

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