The Conflict Of The United Nations Essay

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The United Nations was formed to create an atmosphere that would minimize war, promote human rights and promote social and economic progress. The organization has been effective when it was first established in October 24, 1945 and has helped countries in search of equality, peace and prosperity in the past. However, there are also lots of failures on the organization’s part as well, especially in the Rwanda war, Sri Lanka war, Sudan war, Congo, terrorist acts and many other violent activities around the world. For example, the sexual abuse scandal in the Congo were many women, children were raped and some forced into prostitution. These incidents make a mockery of the U.N. 's professed commitment to upholding basic human rights. U.N. peacekeepers and the civilian personnel who work with them should be symbols of the international community 's commitment to protecting the weak and innocent in times of war. The exploitation of some of the most vulnerable people in the world-refugees in a war ravaged country is a shameful episode and a massive betrayal of trust (Gardiner, 2006). Based on the above failure on their part, we don’t believe that the organization is still capable to handle peace keeping missions around the world. The United Nations should not engage in a Military role against any country right away. They should try and negotiate with the parties that are at war or conflicts, by calling for peace talks between them. But, if either of the parties involved is not…

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