The Conflict Of The Republic Essay examples

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The world is constantly changing. Two hundred years ago, race decided your life. You cold either be a slave, or be a slave owner. One hundred years ago women were not allowed to vote for the president of the United States. This privilege was for men only. Presently Americans deal with issues concerning sexual orientation and abortion policies. There is no doubt that in one hundred years from now these issues will be long resolved and we will be facing other issues of segregation. Perhaps there will be protestors giving animals the right to vote, one can never be sure. We do know that human beings are always changing and thoughts are always evolving. However, Plato was ahead of his time by many decades when he wrote The Republic. The Republic is based off of the life of Socrates and in it he discusses many of his own personal beliefs. These beliefs were ones that people of his time had not even thought possible. “A man 's mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions.” (Autocrat of the Breakfast Table, Holmes Sr.) As the ideas change, the world changes with it. Plato’s ideas in The Republic were no exception to this rule. There are three important, radical ideas presented in Plato’s The Republic including thoughts on women, education, and the ideal leader. Plato is the first philosopher in history to suggest that women are equal to men. The idea of equal pay for women was becoming a bigger and more powerful of an…

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