The Conflict Of Conflict Management Styles Essay

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Wilmot & Hocker (2001) define conflict as a struggle between communicating parties due to the perception of incompatible goals, scarce resources, and interference from others while achieving goals. Conflict is an inevitable part of business; thus, teams must look for the right strategy to manage and resolve conflict and maintain positive working relationships among team members. Numerous research and studies have been dedicated to the study of conflict management styles (Hample and Dallinger, 1995 and Wilmot and Hocker, 2001) and their implication for relational outcomes. I assume many people in our class will describe the specific steps in resolving a conflict in a similar way; therefore, let me take an alternative way to address this issue.
In order to manage and handle conflict effectively, team members should have a thorough understanding how each individual behaves and reacts to conflict. There are 5 conflict-handling modes to describe conflict management in teams, according to Montoya-Weiss, Massey, & Song (2001):
1. Avoidance behavior is characterized by evasiveness and failure to confront other parties. People demonstrating this behavior are apathetic toward conflicting points of view and outcomes in general.
2. Accommodation behavior is characterized by an obliging concern for others.
3. Competition behavior is characterized by each party’s pursuing his or her own interest without regard for others. This behavior involves concealment of information,…

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