Essay about The Conflict Of Christianity From A Messianic Jewish Sect

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This paper will focus on each of the sub-arguments that Stark uses to support his primary argument of the growth of Christianity from a messianic Jewish sect, into the multi-cultural religious force it became in its first few centuries. Beyond a simple regurgitation of the arguments, this paper will also dialogue with the arguments in order to determine their validity. Additionally, I will discuss how applicable Stark’s research and the arguments of his book is applicable to my current ministry as a staff resident at New Denver Church, and my future ministry as, hopefully, a teacher and academic in theology. I would argue that ROC is arranged in approximately six “sub-arguments” among eight chapters, all of which work to support Stark’s primary purpose in writing this book. The author is rather blunt when explaining his primary goal in writing ROC, stating it in the first page, “How did a tiny and obscure messianic movement from the edge of the Roman Empire dislodge classical paganism and become the dominate faith of Western civilization” (Stark 3). The rest of ROC seeks answers and rationales to support this theory and to explore how Christianity grew much more rapidly than one would suppose based on other, similar sects and their growth norms.
Sub-Argument #1 – Christianity broke the norms of other cult movements because its growth was based more on privileged classes, as opposed to the lower, proletariat classes (33). Stark’s first argument forces the reader to change…

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