The Conflict Between Power And Liberty Essay

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In this political season of 2016, the term “revolution” stances as a rhetorical state of war. As proliferation of alternative, competing, and contesting political ideologies, complete, with subjective pundit arguments on television, social media, and newspapers, drowning out civil discourse. Historically unique? Just in the speed and vastness of information, used to corral the subjective herds. In the early 1720’s, in London, Whigs John Threnchard and Thomas Gordon, used the “Cato Letters ” as revolutionary pressure. According to John Locke, this needed “properly be exerted when government became destructive of liberty.” According to "Cato 's Letters," “human history is a record of irrepressible conflict between Power and Liberty, with Power (government) always standing ready to increase its scope by invading people 's rights and encroaching upon their liberties.” Sounds familiar. Terry Newell in his book, Statesmanship, Character, and Leadership in America, points us towards our founders having the same argument. As Jefferson and Adams held antagonistic assumptions on both the nature of man and the role of government. Newell recognized that, “Adams (Federalist) felt that liberty required an energetic central government, while, Jefferson (Republican) supposed that a national government destroyed liberty, like wolves devouring sheep .” As a result, Americans settled into a type of “One-Nation Conservatism,” a form of British political conservatism, which views society as…

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