The Confinement Of The Mind By Louise Erdrich Essays

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Captivity is the confinement of the mind. When you become captive, your mind and body becomes shut-off from what used to be and you begin to change your perception based on your surroundings. Being emotionally captive is when feelings and decisions are blurred, you can’t make rational decisions. In Louise Erdrich’s poem, the woman whom she refers to is unable to make a decision about whether or not she identifies with the Indians and their way of life. At one instance in the poem the woman said, “I hid my face in my dress, fearing He would burn us all, but that soon passed” (Erdrich). This shows that the woman’s mental block ruins her ability to understand the Indians actions, but later her view changes. She questions her disapproval and begins to identify more with the Indians due to her confinement and intimate view of their culture. In Sherman’s essay, he addresses the idea of the mind being confined due to very limited experience. He say’s, “This new white girl…captive, somehow afraid of the black hair and flat noses of the Indian children who rose…” (Sherman). In this quote Sherman is showing that the “white” girl is afraid because she only interacts with white people. She’s never witnessed an Indian and therefore when she finally sees a different type of culture and personality she feels like she’s cornered in an uncomfortable and unrelatable situation. The mind can also be confined physically. Showing that when one is truly inept to the outside world, their…

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