Nat Turner Rebellion Research Paper

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On an early August morning before the break of dawn no one would have suspected that Nat Turner would be leading a slave uprising. He entered his master’s home in Southampton, Virginia killing five of the family members from his plantation. This uprising would soon become the famous rebellion known as the Nat Turner Rebellion. This rebellion, which Tuner thought of as a sign from God would raise southerner’s fears and change attitudes towards slavery. Nat Turner was born into slavery in the 1800’s. He endured the pain and agony of the hardships of a slave. As little freedom played a role in his life he did not have many choices on how to live. He was forced to work under harsh conditions, along with no ownership to property as well as not having the right to marry. Like many slaves he would be sold and torn apart from family and friends. Though many slaves were assumed to fall into their places to work in the fields or …show more content…
Turner and others fled into the woods but he was then captured. He was turned into authorities and was put on trial. It was concluded he had plotted the entire attack and was charged with insurrection. Once it was realized that slaves were responsible for such action and Turner was the leader. They were sentenced to be hung in front of crowds to set an example.
While being held in jail Tuner was interviewed by Thomas R. Gray. Later the book, The Confessions of Nat Turner was published. Gray enters the mind of a black slave in the 1830’s. Within the book unfolds the secrets of Turner himself. As he tells the in depth story of his visions and how God had called on him. It is clear through his confessions that he was told by God to make an impact that would be long lasting. As Turner is chained and sat in a dirty jail cell for six weeks until he was hung he describes his vindictive plan for the bloodiest rebellion

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