The Confessions By Saint Augustine Essay

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In The Confessions by Saint Augustine, there are numerous encounters with angelic presences. An angelic presence is someone who can teach you something or show you the path and trajectory that your life should take. To be able to bask in the light of god, we must first take the difficult trek up the mountain. Augustine has to battle his inner demons and sinful nature to be able to achieve the closeness we all yearn for with God. To gain this closeness we need these angelic presences. I have always believed that my mom and dad were the strongest presences in my life and taught me what it meant to be compassionate and accepting. Augustine learns these same types of lessons and qualities from three different men of varying friendships. The first person he learns from is a bishop of the Manichean faith, the second is a drunken beggar, and third from a story of a man much like himself told by bishop Simplicianus, the man who baptized bishop Ambrose. These characters help Augustine climb the narrow path to the supreme good of God by each teaching him different ideals, sometimes indirectly, to help him turn away from sin. Augustine meets with Faustus, a man known for his eloquence who Augustine hopes can shine light on his current situation and give him a path to follow that we all so desperately yearn. Augustine is originally impressed by Faustus’s speech “I was certainly delighted with his lively and spirited style in debate, and by his apt choice of words to clothe his…

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