Lord Of The Flies Conch Symbolism

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The Conch: The conch symbolizes order and civilization. The boys use the conch to form and keep order at meetings. Because of the rule that whoever has the conch has a right to speak, everyone has an opportunity to express their voices and be heard. However, the conch starts to lose its powers as the boys become more savage. When Ralph blew the conch at Jack’s camp, the boys ignore Ralph and does not listen to him.
The Signal Fire: The signal fire on top the mountain symbolizes the boys’ hopes to be saved and their connection to civilization. In the beginning, the boys keep the signal fire going for it is their hope that they will return back to an orderly society. However, as time went on, most of the boys stopped caring about the fire and
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The owner of the glasses, Piggy, is a very logical and orderly person that helps out Ralph to lead the boys. The boys also use the glasses to start fires, which is one of the most important item for survival. However, when one of the lenses of Piggy’s glasses broke, the boys became less aware of themselves and became less intelligent and civilized.
The Darkness: The darkness symbolizes fear and evilness. When the darkness comes, the boys become afraid and starts to worry about a beast. This eventually leads to the death of Simon. The darkness is what is causing this fear and chaos in the boys.
The Painted Faces: The painted faces are representations of the evilness and savageness in the boys. Originally used for hunting by Jack, the boys who join Jack’s tribe all paint their faces. Under this mask, they show their true evilness and violence is the result.
The Beast: The beast is a symbol of the savageness of the boys. As they grow farther away from civilization, the belief that there is an actual beast grows. Near the end of the book, Jack and his hunters even leave sacrifice for the beast. However, only Simon realizes that the beast comes from the
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At first when Simon is introduced, he faints. Simon continues to pass out, throw up, and hallucinate. These are the results of his disorder, epilepsy. However, Simon is able to talk to the Lord of the Flies and was the first to realize who the beast truly was. Simon is the only person who does not change despite his surroundings. However, in the end, Simon is killed by all the boys.
Simon is a very wise, generous, shy, and odd boy. He helps the littluns pick fruits off places that they cannot reach. However, he does not talk often and many sees him as an outcast. He likes to be with nature and often goes to his spot in the jungle. Physically, Simon is weak and skinny.
While the boys become more civilized and the rules become less effective, Simon does not change. He does not turn into a savage and does not participate in any killing. Additionally, when most of the boys goes to join Jack, Simon stays with Ralph and Piggy.
Simon represents a wise, peaceful, mature person. He realizes who the beast truly is and does not turn to a savage like the others. Simon helps others and does not express any violence.

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