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How the Concept of Virginity Has Changed

Virginity has been highly valued for centuries, and is still highly valued in certain places and among certain people today. It held value in Biblical times, and it held value among the Protestants and Puritans in the 17th century. However, the mid-20th century saw hippies and the Free Love movement, which subverted the societal conventions surrounding virginity by placing little, if any value on it. Marx 's Conflict Theory states that inequalities in a society will eventually result in changes to that society. The concept of virginity is a contributor between the inequality between the sexes, thus was bound to be turned on its head as feminism came into play.

Virginity is a social construct. There are no biological indicators of it, yet it has been the determinant of a woman 's social worth, or at least an easy way for her social status to fall at the drop of a hat, for centuries. The logic behind the importance of a woman being a virgin until marriage was directly tied into the idea that a wife is her husband 's property. As continuing one 's
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There will always be traditionalists who will fight social change tooth and nail for the right to sell their daughters for three goats and a cow. Anti-drug and sex education campaigns have resulted in a more cautious, informed generation. Not every culture had a revolt against traditional sexual conventions in the 70 's. Some are only recently starting to have one. As the world is currently overpopulated, many millennials are disinterested in getting married, and in some cases being sexually active at all. A contributor to this is that asexuals and aromantics have begun to come out of the woodwork as part of the LGBT community. Overall, most people currently do not place much importance on virginity. Given current social trends, it is likely that their number will only grow as the years go

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