The Concept of Racism and Abuse of Power in Our Society Essay examples

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Pop Culture and Nursing Academic Paper

This paper will use the movie Crash (Haggis, 2005) to examine the concept of racism and abuse of power in our society. Haggis demonstrates how everyone’s lives are intertwined and how the powerfully destructive impact of racist views impede ones ability to function justly. Madeline Leningers theory on transcultural nursing along with the RNAO guidelines and an article called Racism and Its Implications in Ethical-Moral Reasoning in Nursing Practice: A tentative approach to a largely unexplored topic written by Maya Shaha (1998) will help exhibit the repercussions racism has for nurses and the many other health care professionals. Brief Summary of the Movie
The film Crash
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As a nurse you cannot impose your beliefs on your patient. You need to remain open-minded and assist them with their own beliefs. In the second type of scenario, if a patient is racist towards their nurse it may be harmful to their health as they may not take the nurse or healthcare professional’s advice. Health Care professionals should not have to deal with racism in the workforce from their patients or from co-workers. That being said the nurse needs to be compassionate and understand that the patient might not be aware of what they are saying. If the patient is aware of what they are saying the nurse should try not to take it personally and should remain professional when dealing with the patient. If this is not possible than the nurse should attempt to find someone else to provide the patients care. In the last two scenarios, with patient-patient or nurse-nurse racism, the tension present causes an uncomfortable environment to work in. It creates stress among the other patients or staff working. Any issues amongst co-workers or between clients should be addressed immediately to avoid any further complications, such as arguments or abuse. In order to defeat racism in nursing one must be aware of their views on different cultures along with their views on their own culture. Nurses need to have respect for their patients’ beliefs and provide care to them regardless of their ethnic origin. Today’s society is rapidly growing and nurses need to be able to meet

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