The Concept Of Love : Eros, Agape, And Phileo Essay

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The Concept of Love The term “love” has a wide variety of meanings, each different than the rest. To some, love may simply mean having an attachment or desire to be with another; to others, love may feel like a complete entity that envelops you once you have found “the one.” However, to the Greeks, love could actually be categorized into three different classes: eros, agape, and phileo. These three types, although distinct in what they display, would all come to be adopted into the practice of Christianity in relation to how we feel about those around us. Being the most self-centered of the three forms, eros helps depict the more humanized feelings in love, such as lust and pleasure. Derived from the Greek word erasthai, eros seemingly corresponds to the more intense forms of passion or desire, which can easily become quite selfish. Eros can also be summarized by the phrase “willing my good” in which an individual performs acts that are self-oriented. However, that is not to say that eros cannot be good or normal. When kept in-check at a healthy level, such as between a husband and wife who love each other, eros is perfectly normal. To put it more directly: eros is not evil per se, it only becomes such when left out of hand. In fact, one could argue that every human (at one point or another) will inevitably experience eros. The transition from a healthy form of eros to a negative form arises when we (as individuals) disrupt the equilibrium of eros in our lives;…

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