The Concept Of Learning Cognition Essay examples

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Constructivism is a teaching philosophy based on the concept that learning cognition is the result of mental construction. Students construct their own understanding by reflecting on their personal experiences, and by relating the new knowledge with what they already know. An example of this is learning to ride a bike, in the beginning learning what not to do teaches what to do. So in essence you are building on the initial experience of falling down to learn how not to fall down. Each student creates his or her own mental-models to make sense of their environment, and accommodates the new knowledge by learning to adjust to them (business dictionary).
The main principle of constructivist learning the search for meaning, therefore, to be effective; a teacher must help the student in discovering his or her own meaning. It is very simple to teach someone to do something, but far more complex to teach him or her the meaning behind what they are doing. Children often get frustrated when they are told to do something and have no understanding of why they are doing it. In an effort to connect Jesus to this form of learning, you can take Jesus commanding Peter to walk on the water. By doing this, Jesus taught Peter that anything is possible to the one who believes. This walk of faith also taught Peter the danger of distractions and doubt.
Bruner 's theory on constructivism encompasses the idea of learning as an active process wherein those learning are able to form new ideas based…

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