The Concept of Chicanismo. Essay

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Chicanismo was a complex of nationalist strategies by which Chicano origins and

Histories, as well as present and future identities, were constructed and

Legitimized. Furthermore, Chicanismo provided a context for historical

reclamation of the self through the affirmation of Chicano cultural narratives while

resisting Anglo models of assimilation. By the late 1960's, Chicanismo had

become in effect the central strategy in the process of self definition for the

Chicano community. The Chicanos suffered a great deal while trying to make a

Living by working in fields. Farmers have been abusing migrant farm workers for a

very long time, and even though some conditions have improved since the

1930's, they are
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He was an influential lider in promoting social and political equality of the 1960’s

and 1970’s Chicano Movement. Seeking for recognition as equal members of

American society. This poetry was intended to inspire Mexican Americans to

become engaged in efforts to improve their condition in the United States.

“Mi vida Loca” is about Chicana gangs, This movie violence is more often

glamorized and emptied of its tragic social and human consequences. To

Anders's credit, she refuses the cinematic strategy of glamorizing violence,

depicting instead gang violence off-screen. She does, however, show its tragic

human consequences. refer to her "used skin" as "[her] first diamond." Cervantes'

choice of words is suitable to the nature of the event. A diamond is truly a pure

element that only becomes pure through years and years of intense pressure.

Most of this pressure is through heat. This imagery can be used to explain the

survival of many women, in this case, the Chicanas. The heat and pressure for

them is representative of the male dominance and machismo. Their strength and

self empowerment comes from their struggles and their ability to overcome these pressures. Tafolla states that these women, with their newfound power will no longer live "up to their image of silent tortilla-makers, cultural racial discrimination, which occurs when the assumption

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