Essay on The Computer Screen

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Alright grandma first you are going to turn on the computer by pressing the circle with a line going half way through it, on the tower, not on the computer screen. After it has turned on it will show you the home screen, which is a screen with several icons on it. Now, you are going to put your hand on the mouse, it is a small oval with a cord leading from it, and move it. When you move the mouse on the desk you will see that there is an arrow on your computer screen moving along with it. You are going to move your mouse so that the the arrow goes down to the bottom of the screen all the way to the left. There should be a blue circle with 4 different colored squares in it, which is called your start button. Click on your start button, it will pull up a side panel you are going to move your mouse slightly upwards towards the words 'All Programs ', click on that title. This will take you to all the programs you are able to access, but we are only going to go to one of these programs today. After you have selected the 'All Programs ' button it will display a list, of programs and folders, that starts with 'Windows DVD Maker ' and that ends with a folder named 'VideoLan '. You are going to click on the 'Microsoft Office 2013 ' folder which is the 14th one down from the top. Once you click on that it will open the folder which contains all of your 2013 version of the Microsoft Office applications. You are going to do to the bottom of that folder and select the icon that says…

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