Essay about The Components Of Equity Theory And The Role Of Justice

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Question 1
Describe the components of equity theory and the role of justice

Equity theory is an understanding that people are going to be more likely motivated if they have a perceived sense that they are being treated equally and fairly inside and around the workplace based strongly on the perceptions of those around them (Ambrose, 1992). The actual rewards the members of the organization receive are negligible without also having the overall sense that they are perceived correctly as an individual and are treated fairly around others. In regards to the structure of the theory it comes structured under three basic components; Inputs, Outcomes and referents.
Inputs are the benefaction the team members and employees can make to the business such as providing education operating various machinery and the training to prevent risk of injury, this knowledge comes from past experience and practical time from the number of hours worked and intelligence to figure out procedures. Outcomes are in return what the organizational members receive for their contributions to the workplace. These include such things as increased pay or bonuses granted along with additional status or job assignments. Referents are the team member’s people will compare themselves against to determine whether or not they have been treated fairly. Usually this is a generalization of the entire corporation but may be as simple as a comparison against a single co-worker. Comparisons usually occur amongst…

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