The Common Themes Of Survival And Survival In The Holocaust

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When everything around you begins to crumble and fear overcomes you what is there left to do, and the answer is to survive. Having the courage to survive takes so much more bravery and effort than the actual process of surviving takes. In multiple world series including sex trafficking, through the eyes of a survivor, Politics of the Middle East, and Katy Preston surviving the Holocaust I found the common theme of survival and the strength it takes in order to survive. The people described throughout the different world series face obstacles such as kidnapping, the loss of emotion, and near death experiences but still continue on.

Danielle is a survivor of sex trafficking and for her to first be able to escape is amazing because of what she
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This current situation just keeps expanding and becoming worse and eventually has exploded into a global catastrophe where the only choice these people have is to try to survive. Theres the building of refugee camps and the refugees are fleeing away into Europe as an attempt to escape the Islamic state. The refugees are using desperate efforts in order to escape many would rather lose their lives then stay where they are, many are making rafts and floating devices in order to try to escape with their families. These people are terrified yet still have the strength to try to survive by leaving and attempting to find a new life. These refugees are facing brutal mass murders, captives becoming sex slaves, and their cultural heritage is being destroyed. No only that a civil war has broken out in Syria, barrel bombs are being used and a country is being destroyed. People 's entire lives are collapsing around them and they still have the will to fight even when the odds are against them, but it 's their determination and endurance to survive that is what will eventually save them no matter the state their country is in or how this global description continues to destabilize …show more content…
Kati was a small child around the age of 4 when the Holocaust broke out, her father was taken away to a concentration camp at the very beginning, that was when Kati 's mother hid her so she wouldn 't of been taken away as well. So Kati was hidden away for quite sometime until the women who delivered milk to her home offered to take Kati away so she could be safe, here she lived in a barn for 3 months just so she could survive. Kati sat in the barn day and night alone hiding in bales of hay making friends with spiders and as such a young child she was beyond brave, especially when soldiers had raided the barn she was in and almost stabbed here while hiding in the hay. A friend of the family had returned from a camp bringing the news of how Kati’s father was killed, her then mother continued to care for those who were returning from the camps. amount of courage it must of taken to pretend to not be scared, to constantly be alone, and know the person you cared about most in the world is gone is unmeasurable. Kati admitted it took her 50 years to overcome the hate and bitterness she felt but she was a survivor of such a horrific event and nothing can change that. Mrs. Preston even said “people ask me all the time what I do for revenge because what happened to me. My answer I live.” Courage to survive and the strength to

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