Essay about The Common Sense By Thomas Paine

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“Common Sense” was written by Thomas Paine in an effort to display his opinions on gaining American independence from the British government. In Paine’s writing, he starts off by explain-ing specific subjects in the colonies such as government and religion. Later on, he works his way into explaining the present state of the American colonies and the state of the situations they are currently going through. Early on in Paine’s writing, he establishes the distinguishing factor that differs society from government. He says that most people tend to get the two confused so elaborates on what each one is. He explains that on one hand, society is what we desire or strive for, while on the other hand there is government, which is a “necessary evil.” In other words, society motivates to move forward and to accomplish our goals and aspirations, while government is fulfilling a pur-pose to protect us from our own greed and the greed of others. The government’s purpose, ac-cording to Paine, should also be to protect life liberty and property. He then states that the per-ception of how successful a government is, should be equivalent to how well they protect our life, liberty, and property. Paine depicts to us an alternate scenario in which a number of people have been stranded on an island together and all contact with rest of society has been cut off. Eventually, the people on the island create a bond with one another. After this bond has been created, they will natural-ly need a…

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