The Coming Of The Kingdom Of God Essay

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A passage in the bible has many ways of interpreting it and especially if you look at the same passage, but from different versions. The Coming of the Kingdom of God is only found in the gospel of Luke and some biblical versions like to translate key words differently to give some different thoughts of words said by either the Pharisees or Jesus. This passage says a lot in few words. The New American Bible says that “God is among you.” The New International Version says that “the kingdom of God is in your midst.” Both versions can imply different outcomes. However, the New American Standard Bible version is the one that will be addressed here. To understand the significance of this biblical passage, it is important to look at the significance of the Pharisees being the ones hearing this statement. It is also important to understand what Jesus is telling them. After addressing both these subjects one can then ask what Jesus wants for the Pharisees. Therefore, this question to Jesus about the coming of God 's kingdom is going to both be a learning lesson for the Pharisees and also a chance for Jesus to teach. The Pharisees are among the most known religious group during the Jesus ' life on Earth. Over the years, the Pharisees had an intricate system of oral tradition and many rules that would help them from breaking the Mosaic law. Disobeying God is something that they did not want to do, but they could not handle Jesus because of what he was doing on the Sabbath…

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