The Color Purple By Alice Walker Essays

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In The Color Purple by Alice Walker, Celie is a strong black woman, but for a while didn’t know it. Walker takes her time throughout the book to shape Miss Celie. In the beginning, she shows Celie as an uneducated abused woman who doesn’t know who she is but by the end of the book Celie is crafted into a whole new person. Alice Walker shapes Celie into a new person throughout the book with the help of strong female characters and does so by employing a flawless literary arc.
In the exposition, Walker illustrates Celie in a very splendid way. Walker develops this scene showing Celie’s abused and powerless life. Walker’s character Celie is an uneducated young woman. Walker presents this in a few ways. The first way is the way Walker writes The Color Purple through Celie point of view. She writes it with many mistakes in spelling and grammar. The other way Walker brings light to Celie’s education is having Celie talking about her schooling. “The first time I got big Pa took me out of school. He never care that I love it” (Walker, 9). Walker also starts showing Celie’s lack of power and docilely at this time by stating that she wants to go to school but can’t because Pa has her working the fields and tending to the house. Walker also shows that She never stood up to Pa he has complete control over her. “He beat me today cause he say I winked at a boy in church” (Walker, 5). Walker continues this description of Celie by going into Pa taking advantage of her repeatedly and…

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