What Are Gender Roles In Celie

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Celie, Eliza and Minny are three strong females who are engaged in a relationship with an abusive and controlling male spouse, struggling to overcome them in order to become their true individual self.
Each female characters male spouse controls and has abusive power over them which restrains them from becoming their true self.
Due to the stereotypical gender roles for women Celie, Elisa and Minny are unable to decide and be who they desire to be.
Celie, Elisa and Minny are struggling to find their self-identity until they encounter and form a relationship with another who empowers and gives them the strength needed to seek their true individual self.
Each female characters male spouse controls and has abusive power over them which restrains
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Although Celie loves to go to school and that’s what she wants to do, stereotypical gender roles are holding her back from finding her self-identity and doing what she wants.
The peddler is stating that women are not capable to do things that men can. Elisa thinks it will be fun to travel and live life like a peddler but is immediately shot down due to gender stereotypes that women should only stay home, clean and watch the children. The peddler limits Elisa and holds her back from finding her self-identity by applying gender roles to her and her life.
Based on the stereotypical gender roles it is only acceptable for Elisa to be a gardener. Even though she is an excellent gardener Henry, her husband, says she is only able to work on Chrysanthemums and not on the harvest. Due to the stereotypical female gender roles, Elisa has to face it is limiting her to be herself and find her true identity.
Minny is always in charge and responsible for her children because it’s a stereotypical gender role for women. Leroy does not help out to keep their children in line because he says it is a women’s job to watch the children. Due to her constant watch on her children, it limits her to finding her self-identity and doing what she
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Shug’s solicitude towards Celie makes Celie realize that she deserves to love somebody and be loved by somebody. The relationship they have between them gives Celie an understanding of self-importance and empowers Celie to stand up for herself and find her self-identity.
The peddler has a major impact on Elisa. He makes her realize her that she is an independent women and her how she lacks interest in her current marriage. She starts to become aware that she is not happy anymore with her marriage and needs to consider starting fresh and finding her true self-identity.
Elisa is inspired by her encounter with the peddler. He teaches her that she has to live life by doing what she wants to do and gives her renewed hope in life. It empowers her to seek her true self-identity and seek what makes her happy instead of staying and dealing with what does not make her happy.
Minny is a strong woman who just needed a push. After Celia tells Minny of all the hard times she is going through Minny learns that she should never give up and push for what makes her happy. Celia has lost three children due to miscarriages but still manages to stay strong so Minny realizes that she will be able to lose her husband and still be able to stay strong and finally find her

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