The Color Purple By Alice Walker Essay

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Picture someone being raped, stolen maybe taken instead from their home, and being beat and told they are nothing every day just because they lack the simple ability to speak up from themselves. This was the life of Celie, an African American woman in The Color Purple. This was not only a problem for a person in a story but this was also the reality of African women everywhere. In her work The Color Purple(italicized), Alice Walker uses violence and finding ones voice to show the reality of poor treatment, complete disregard, and a feeling of being trapped for African American women and like Celie in the early 1900’s. One of the first counts of violence being used is when Celie first moved into her new house with her new husband and stated, “I spent my weeding day running from the oldest boy….he picked up a rock and laid my head” (Walker 21). Celie was handed over by her father at a young age to a man, who is referred to as Mr. ____, that she was forced to marry. Once she moved into her new home she was faced with the task of taking care of the Mr.___’s children and the eldest son was less than pleased in seeing his new mother so he immediately turned to violence and started to assault her because he could. As if to add insult to injury while this whole event was taking place her new “husband” sat back and watched it happen and made no effort to help Celie because he felt that it was simply not necessary to protect her or even begin to control his own children. This…

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