Essay on The Color Purple By Alice Walker

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Racism and sexism have been reoccurring issues from the start of time, especially in America. Protests, strikes, movements, deaths, and success have been a product of the fight to end these two social issues. Many pieces of literature have been published, specifically in America arguing for or against either of these causes. One of the most famous books written that considers both issues is The Color Purple by Alice Walker. In the incredible story, a girl named Celie endures a terrible life, but learns how to stand up for herself in the end. This story line has been, and continues to be very controversial, but the book inspired a fantastic movie to further portray the messages which Alice Walker sought to spread. The Color Purple is full of symbols, themes, and important messages that anyone can learn from. This piece continues to inspire, influence, and teach many people about important facts of humanity. The main messages in the film The Color Purple are perseverance, belief in yourself, and the major importance of friends. To begin, a major message from The Color Purple is to persevere through every part of life. Celie endured the worst in her life from her early childhood; her stepfather treated her terribly, her only children were taken away, she was married to an awful man, and so much more. However, through all of the terrible things handed to her, Celie continued to move forward with hope of something better every day. This endurance is also found in Sofia, who…

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