The Color Purple And Kill A Mockingbird Essay

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Walker’s The Color Purple and Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird are very powerful novels with noticeable similarities. The main characters of each novel, Scout and Celie are easily comparable. Scout and Celie are a sad, but realistic depiction of a young girl growing up as a member of their individual race and in the era of when the novels take place. Due to their sheltered upbringings, Scout and Celie are curious to make up for information that is kept from them. In addition, Scout and Celie display their great smarts but in different ways. Last, both girls demonstrate impeccable amounts of courage and persevere throughout rough patches in their lives. Scout and Celie both share the character traits of courage, curiosity, and intelligence and are constantly changing throughout the novel which makes them interesting, dynamic characters.
The Colour Purple and To Kill a Mockingbird are both narrated by young, sheltered girls. Their sheltered lives lead to curiosity. Scout is sheltered by the adults in her life as they try to protect her from the cruel world around her. Celie is sheltered because she has had no experiences in life. She is a black girl in the early 1900’s; therefore there are little to no opportunities for growth and formal education in her life. The sheltered life led by these girls, mightily feed their curiosity. Through their learning experiences throughout both novels, Scout and Celie are constantly changing and keep the reader intrigued.
In Chapter 1, Scout is…

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