Essay about The Color Of Water By James Mcbride

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Ruchel Dwajra Zylska; A quite, week, scared, lost, indivisual coming from an orthodox jewish family. A family that has shunned her and pronouced her dead for following her heart and being with a black man, to being sexual molistation by her own father at a young, age to almost going into prosotution, transforms into Ruth McBride a reborn Christian,stong, brave, independent loving single mother of 12. Rasing them almost all on her own and having them all go to colledge and have them later become docters and lawyers and become secessful in life. Ruth the mother of James McBride arthor of The Color of Water. Has gone through many hard ships and learned many lesson in her life probably one of the most strong indivuals i 've have ever read of in a book. In the The Color of Water we learn about life of Ruth and the life James McBride and each ones indivisual hardships and challenges through both of their eyes. Ruth McBride early life she was formaly known as, Ruchel Dwajra Zylska a orthadox jew being born on april 1, 1921 moving to america to escape the horrors of the holocuaust. Tateh Ruth 's father was a jewish rabbi, a very bad one and rasict one if I might add. Ruth 's parents are only together because it was arranged by jewish contract enforced by jewish law. As she quotes in chapter 3, Kosher, “My parents marriage was put together by rov, a rabbi of high order who goes to each of the parents and sees abouthe dowary and arranges the marriage contract properly according to…

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