The Color Of Water By James Mcbride Essay examples

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In The Color of Water, the author, James McBride, wrestles with the idea of who he and his mother are and what their personal journey has meant. My own journey has been consistent with the ideas of always aiming for perfection and when I do not meet it the destruction that follows. The backstory of my journey and who I am today have a great meaning as I am still aiming for who I really want to be. The consistent struggle that has followed me the past couple of years was an incident that I made in high school. My boyfriend at the time of two years has gotten me pregnant. Due to my situation living in a strict Christian household I had no idea what to do. I was struggling with my boyfriend wanting me to have an abortion and sticking to my beliefs on what I was raised to believe. Finally, I had a breakdown and I told my mom, she cried for a long time and finally wanted to be there for me. My dad surprisingly was not angry at me either. They just wanted to get me the help that I needed to get through this. After 11 weeks I officially decided to have the procedure, afterwards it did not take long for my boyfriend and I to break up. I did not go to school for two months, I quit dancing, and I ended up failing my sophomore year. I felt alone because I felt like no one could understand what I was going through. I was stuck in a mind set that I failed and I could not get better after it. It took about two years to finally stop being in that mind set. I would talk about it with my…

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