The Collapse Of The Great Depression Essay

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In America, there was a moment in time when there was a lack of hope for rebuilding a nation that had once flourished. This downturn occurred in 1930 was known as the Great Depression, and was caused by three long term causes: industry, agriculture, and stock market. Moreover, it was caused by gradual changes that people had not been noticing before, such as fewer homes that were built- a strain in home construction industries, over producing crops- prices to drop and debts to be unpaid, and stock market crashing which led to the total destruction of the economy. Due to these situations, Herbert Hoover, president during this era, tried to ease the conflict by compromising a voluntary cooperation, a government way of indicating it did not want to intervene and let Americans figure it out their problems. The plan did not alleviate the suffering. Furthermore, it prevented employees from being hired and limited the amount of money they spent due to companies’ methods to maintain wages and lay off more workers. After this failure, Roosevelt was elected for presidency and came up with the New Deal. The New Deal involved a three step approach: reform (fixing bank systems and stock market), relief (providing soup kitchens, homeless shelters, etc.), and recovery (making people spend money again by offering jobs) which were forms of the different solutions Roosevelt had to solve the nation’s crisis. As a result, the New Deal was actually a success. First, the New Deal helped bring…

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