The Collapse Of The Corporation Essay example

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The corporation has seen tremendous growth over the past several centuries, both in size and influence, especially in the political realm. As a result of this influence, the corporation has evolved from a body governed by Kings during the colonial era, and later legislative bodies in the newly created United States, to being a sovereign entity that is just as powerful – if not more so – than the legislative bodies under which it was once ruled. With the rise of corporate sovereignty, politics and the market have become deeply intertwined, so much so that the sovereignty of the corporation now poses a substantial threat by undermining democracy to support their ever-expanding empires.
As Sklar states in The Corporate Reconstruction and the Antitrust Law, “there is no society more ‘political’ than the ‘market society,’ that is, capitalist society.” (p. 88) The formation of a political economy is quite recent, but the actual creation of corporations, which are an integral part of the rise of the political economy, stems back hundreds of years to the rise of charters. In a political economy, personal politics can often be used to give advantage to corporate desires, specifically through law. The law lays the foundation for capitalist expansion, and corporations cannot exist without the law. However, this law, and relationship of politics and economics, has reached a critical point of unsustainability; the market is evolving faster than the laws, and corporations now hold a…

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