Essay on The Collaboration Between Therapist And Psychiatrist

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Reading all articles reminded me why the collaboration between therapist and psychiatrist is difficult sometimes, and how their attitude toward each other as mental health clinicians has impacted their relationship since many years ago. I was shocked by all the articles and how they responded to each other, and especially by criticizing the therapist’s role, and work in the first article” Taking Stand: An Adolescent Girl’s Resistance to Medication” by J. A. Sparks (2002). Although Sparks’s article helped me to have better understanding of my role as the therapist to help my client to explore their feelings, and thoughts to make decisions for their treatment. It was amazing how the therapist was able to bring Amy’s family, who were willing to come, and even her friends as her support system, and resources to help her to explore her thoughts and make decision for her treatment of depression by refusing to take medication.
However, I have my own point of view about the use of medications in psychotherapy. I have noticed that the use of medication is necessary for some of my clients, especially those who don’t have very strong support system and resources, as the one was available in the Amy’s story. Though it is essential to be aware of the side effects of the antidepressant medications in general, I think it can help those who are already had tried and given up of any kind of therapy. In addition, many adults, especially with Major Depressive Disorder may be benefit from the…

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