The Cold War As A Universal Doctrine Essay

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The Cold War is one of the most ambiguous wars in history. While all wars have contentions in relation to the cause, the Cold War was shrouded in secrecy and tension without any declaration of actual war. I believe the clearest explanation of how the war started, why it stayed cold, and how it ended all center around misperceptions and individuals rather than the international structure as a whole or any specific events. In this paper, I will delve into what I mean by that a bit further by looking at each one of those three sections of the Cold War separately. Then, I will analyze how the doctrine of containment introduced in the Cold War functioned as a “Universal Doctrine’ and how that can be seen as both a strength and a weakness in the US foreign policy at the time. Finally, I’ll explain what legacies have been left behind from the Cold War in terms of the ‘Universal Doctrine’ and other aspects of foreign policy. The start of the Cold War can be argued to be as far back as 1917 and as late as 1950. As Gideon Rose nicely put it, “The year you pick determines the factors you think define the Cold War” (Rose). 1917 is used as the kick-off because of the Russian revolution and the schism between ideologies. Suspicion can be held on to for long periods of time and Soviet leaders were definitely suspicious of the US after they spent two years in Russia fighting against the Bolsheviks (Kaufman, 87). 1950 is another date put forth as the true beginning of the Cold War because…

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