The Cold War And The World War II Essay

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As World War II was ending and the Nazi threat was coming to an end and a new threat was emerging in the world. Communism was spreading and spearheading the movement was the Soviet Union. This was very worrisome for all who opposed communist rule. There were many events and spans of time that shaped the cold war and caused the United States and its allies to adapt. I chose three that really stuck out to me. I chose the Korean war, the red scare, and the space race. These were only three crises but they changed the landscape of the world greatly. After World War II ended the focus shifted to maintaining peace and through these goals the United Nations were formed. The UN was made with two parts, the General Assembly and the Security Council. The General Assembly included delegates from all the 50 nations present and meets annually while the Security Council is always in session and their main responsibility is to maintain international peace and security (Tindall 949-950). This was very important because it was taking steps toward preventing another hostile takeover of other countries. There is great debate over who was more responsible for the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. The conventional view believes that it was the Soviets fault. According to this view the United States had no choice but to stand firm in defense of democratic capitalist values which were threatened by Joseph Stalin’s goal to dominate the globe (Tindall 950).…

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