Essay on The Cold War And The Soviet Union

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The Cold War (1947 – 1991) was fought between the two powerful nations, United States and the Soviet Union. However, there was never any direct contact between the two nations. In these two wars, the United States fought for capitalism and the Soviet Union fought for communism. They are not participate in the war but incitement to war - the United States and the Soviet using the proxy war to fighting with each other. During the Cold War, the two examples of proxy wars are the Korean and Vietnam wars. The Korean War began in 1950, when North Korean surprise attack on South Korea. Although China supported North Korea who fought for communism, but the United States supports South Korea who is a non-communist country. Three years later, which was in 1953, a armistice was signed and it symbolize the ending of the Korean War. When President Johnson declared that the North Vietnamese attacked the Gulf of Tonkin, the United States was involved in the Vietnam War in 1964. He also believes that the Domino Theory - The theory is that if Vietnam fell to communism, and the rest of Indochina will fell to communism. In response, the US Congress approved the dispatch of US troops to fight alongside France in South Vietnam against the North Vietnam nationalist, because America do not want victory of a communist nation. Vietnam and Korean wars have common causes and effects, as their starting point, the dividing line and the two battle sides, as well as…

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