The Cognitive Behavior Technique ( Cbt ) Essay

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Many mental health organizations have collaborated utilized psychotherapeutic or alternative therapeutic methods to contribute to clients in establishing a more productive life. It is the responsibility of mental health leaders to fully equip their mental health facilities with qualified personnel’s with knowledge of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and excessive drug use. These psychotherapy or alternative treatment methods should consist of ethical and evidence based practices which cause no harm to the patient, ensure safety, confidentiality, and meets the expectations of the client 's concern and treatment needs.

Identify one psychotherapy treatment.

The Cognitive Behavior Technique (CBT) is a well-known psychotherapy treatment technique used to treat clients who are suffering from depression. This style treatment may introduce medication which will work in conjunction with the client 's and the clinician during group or individual therapy sessions. The focus of the (CBT) is to identify triggers which lead to a client feeling and thinking about specific problems the client may find challenging. Davis, Bared, Otto, and Southwick (2006 p. 571) specified that, “Historically, combination treatments combining pharmacotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) have sought to boost treatment effects by combining the anxiolytic properties of medications with the anxiolytic properties of CBT”. Within these sessions, the client takes a more active…

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