Essay on The Code Of Silence Play

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The work that police officers do is very complex. There are different rules and codes that they are supposed to follow in order to accomplish their job at their organization. Police officers present different behaviors while patrolling and in other areas of policing that creates many confrontations with the society as well inside their departments with co-workers and other people above them. In police departments exits different codes that police officers follow that many times create that police misconduct and police brutality stay under the rug, without been penalized. In the movie Fort Apache the Bronx it portrayed how police corruption, misconduct and unethical behavior were part of their daily work just because they followed certain codes that protected them from been exposed in the organization when the behave outside the law. In the movie you can see how only one officer was against police brutality and misconduct. He was brave to report this kind of behavior to his chief. The code of silence play an important role in the way that most police officers behaves regarding to report a co-worker when he/she acts against the law. “The code of silence reflects the occupational solidarity that exists among officers and requires that officers neither report nor incriminate fellow officers” (Burns 2013). According to Burns the nature of police work involves particular factors that contribute to and impact the police subculture. In the movie Fort Apache the Bronx it is clear…

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