Essay The Code Of Hammurabi : The King Of Babylon

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The Code of Hammurabi, also known as the Code of Laws, is one of the earliest sets of laws found. Hammurabi wrote these laws in the city of Babylon. “He felt that he had to write them to please his Gods. He did not consider himself related to any God, although he did call himself “the favorite of the gods”.” (Babylonia - Code of Hammurabi - Crystalinks.) Although the laws were written in Babylon, they were carried throughout all of Mesopotamia. Hammurabi was the King of Babylon. There are many different views on the way that people feel Hammurabi was as a leader. Some people think that he was too harsh with the Code of Laws, while others think that the laws were what people needed to be able to behave and run a civil society. Some people may even agree that Hammurabi’s laws were not much different than the laws presented today.
The Pharaohs agreed that the laws were good for the society. The only reasoning behind them thinking that the punishment was fair was because they did not get punished as badly as everyone else. With them being more “important” to the society, they got away with doing more. The phrase “an eye for an eye” pretty much sums up all of Hammurabi’s codes. This phrase should have been equal for everyone, including the Pharaohs and Hammurabi. Hammurabi and the Pharaohs would have felt differently about the laws if they would have been punished as equally as everyone else.
Hammurabi’s empire was fast growing. Obviously, there were disagreements about the…

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