The Code Of Hammurabi And The Way Capital Punishment Essay

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“Who exactly, give us the right to kill? If killing is wrong, then why are we allowed to kill?” In this paper, I will compare and contrast the code of Hammurabi and the way capital punishment was used back then, to the death penalty that is still being used in the U.S today. I believe that the death penalty as administered in the U.S isn’t considered justice no matter what the situation is. The reason being, is because why kill a criminal who should do time for his crime instead of being killed and not feel any pain? In some cases killing is considered justice because for example, if someone breaks in your home or business trying to harm you; you have the right to defend yourself even if it leads to death. In other cases it’s considered murder because if you kill someone out of anger, or unintentionally under the eyes of the law that’s not considered self defense and you have no committed a crime. I believe there might be a historical connection between the code of Hammurabi and the U.S laws because back then in the code of Hammurabi their law was “an eye for an eye,” which meant whatever you did to one person, that person had to do the exact same thing back to you without getting arrested or kilt. In the U.S if you go to war and fight for the country you don’t get punished for the killing and damage you do to others because it’s a fight you’re trying to win for your own country, so it won’t count against you.
Hammurabi was an Amorite First Dynasty king in the city-state of…

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